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Privacy Policy

When you visit our website 3 Month Payday Loans no Credit Check for purchasing our products and service, you have to send to us some of your information. You should be filling the details on our online application form and the information may be in the form of questioners. We may use the customer information for valid purposes even if it is confidential.

We have put in place all the new technologies of protecting online information of the customers in order to keep their privacy intact. We have taken all the necessary steps to make the customer information entirely secure and safe on Internet. However, we shall not be responsible for any loss of data and we shall not be liable for disclosure of the confidential information of the customers as per the terms of agreements, if any, with the customer.

In order to safeguards and secure the information of the customers, we have ensured the encryption technique. Whenever the information escapes from the encryption, this warning will be flashed on the customer’s computer system, if the system is adequately configured.

While our professionals have taken all the security measures, still the customers must also take necessary precautions on their part. We recommend that the customer should necessarily select the password carefully. The password should be made as difficult as possible so that no one can crack it to access your vital information. The password should be preferably made of a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters such as @, #, $, etc. the more complex a password is, the more it becomes harder for the hackers to get information online. The customer should never disclose the password to anyone.

On our part, we undertake that we will never disclose any information and details that our customers send us. However, we have the right to share the information in the following conditions.

  • The customer information may be shared whenever legal requirements arise
  • The information also will be shared with others when we need to defend or protect rights, interests and property of our affiliates and us
  • We may also share the information when we have to enforce the terms and conditions of the products and services
  • We may part with the information when we need to protect the interests of our Affiliates, constituents, members or us.

We also expect the customer to not to disclose any information that he or she got from us during the course of availing of our products and services. our services to the customer will be immediately terminated if he or she is found sharing our Affiliate’s or our information with others.

We collect the customer information only for delivering our services and products. We reserve the right to use and share the customer information with our Affiliates and third parties. Such sharing of information is mainly for providing the services to the customer. We may also use the information for lots of other activities such as collecting subscription fees for the services, and for notifying or contacting the customer on any issues. For such purposes, we may disclose the customer information with our sub-contractors, agents, who agree to use the information only for the valid purposes.

We carry the rights to make any changes in this privacy policy anytime. For this to happen, we will not notify anyone or announce about the changes. We advise the customers to visit this page very often to note the new changes before availing of our services. We will not be held for any damages to the customers because of the policy changes.

As the customer uses our website for availing of our products and services, he or she agrees to allow us to share, exchange and part with the information related to the transaction history of the customer with the concerned parties. We may share such information with our Affiliates, banks, financial institutions, credit bureaus and agencies as well as with any telecommunication or electronic clearing network. The information sharing will be also as per the customary practice, law, credit reporting, credit scoring, statistical analysis etc. We shall not be hold liable for any such disclosure of customer information.

Opt-Out Policy

The customer agrees that our Affiliates and we may use the Personal Data that the Customer has shared with us. The Personal Data includes email address, phone number, postal address etc to contact the customer in order to help him or her regarding our products and services that our affiliates or we provide. In case the customer opted-in for availing our marketing communications through our application, we will also allow the customer to opt-out from allowing us to use Personal Data for marketing purpose. To opt-out, the customer needs to follow this method:

  • Via email: Click the "Unsubscribe" link in any email communication and submit your email address on the next screen.
  • Via the web: Click on "Unsubscribe" option at

We will surely honor the customer's request for an opt-out from for using his or her Personal Data. However, we will verify the request and take the responsible steps towards it.